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we are doing salon leadership and hairstylist education in a new and different way. we're not you're average ivy league school

we teach the realist wisdom in the industry.

Through what we teach and how we teach it. 

We're not your average ivy league.

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We're currently developing and testing what's going to SHIFT the entire industry



We're revolutionizing the salon industry. We teach tested methods to help run your salon confidently, efficiently and profitably. Sign up to stay in the loop with our owner + salon team related content!



We've got the goods to help make your life behind the chair as amazing and profitable as you want it to be. Plus we offer transformation that gets you to the land of that good-good in your personal life too!

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I felt worthless. Like a nobody. I, by default, chose the path of most resistance, dropped out of college and went to cosmetology school. It was a road filled with legit lack of respect. Hair Artists are powerful, smart and worth their weight in MORE than gold, some just don't know it yet. We are here to change that.

-Heather Yurko, Dean of PIP U

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