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Be Creative Bundle


The Be Creative Package is a digital bundle of killer content to help you get creative behind the chair and in your life as a hairstylist. This is not something you will download and it will sit in your downloads folder gathering cyber-dust (yes.. that's totally a thing 😉). You can download this and start implementing right away.

In the digital bundle you'll find:

  • PIP University's mini E-book, Operation Fill Those Books, a guide on getting the right guest in your chair… quickly!
  • A grid on giving your guests a 5 star color experience.
  • A 5 min Video Tutorial on Crop Hair Contouring- you can implement this IMMEDIATELY on your next guest.
  • An 8 minute guided talk with yourself to give you the clearest picture on what you want your days in the salon to look like. It. Is. Powerful. Designed to listen to before each shift to create kick ass days.

* See below for more detailed descriptions.

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What Imagining Happiness Feels Like

What is it? An 8 minute guided talk with yourself that will give you a clear picture of what you REALLY want your days at the salon to look like. The way we start our day will show us what’s to follow. Many of us don’t implement the self care that should start in the morning and as a result, our day to day lives reflect it. Surrender to the hectic, unfulfilled, and unintentional moments. Start with this. :)

How to use this to you best advantage This was created into an audio for one reason- so no extra time would be required from you. Listen in the mornings while you’re getting ready for work, during your drive in or while preparing for your shift. Just hit play and go in the zone, no extra to-dos or time needed.

Operation Fill Those Books

Your #1 guide to getting the right people for you in your chair and and doing it in a very creative & tangible way. PERFECT for all salon professionals!

3 keys to a 5 star color experience

Focusing on these 3 points will immediately elevate your guests color experience. You’ll also have 2 scripts you can use… TODAY! Plus a tip on choosing the right color for your guest.

Crop Contour Tutorial

A quick and simple way to add value to your guests while increasing your ticket. This video tutorial is so relevant to most of our retouch color guests and can appeal to a wide variety of ages.  It’s all about being brave enough to try something new and giving your guests that “wow” factor. (The full LIVE consultation of this guest’s experience is in the consultation cure portal if you’re looking for more in depth how-to on the conversation!)