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Instead of feeling like the stereotypical hairstylist, who is tired of financial inconsistency and unpredictable monthly income, imagine that you make bank behind the chair and you truly believe you work in the best industry in the world.

You’re book is consistently stacked with your favorite guests, you’re charging what you’re worth and cancellations are a rarity. The best part? You know that you’re making a huge impact in the lives of the humans you get to serve everyday.

You’ve never been more fulfilled in your life. Your mind is clear and you’re laser focused on your purpose. Do you still have bad days? Hell yea…but they don’t affect you like they use to because your mindset and perspective are so boss… you’ve become a G at walking through fear. In fact, you welcome it because you know that’s what carries the spice of life.

 “I love what I do, I really do. But there is more I can be doing, something is missing. I want to take my career to the next level, I just don’t know how".”

-Hairstylists Everywhere

You love what you do. You really do. Working behind that chair with your guests fulfills a part of you that no other career ever could.

What’s really unfortunate is that if you had an opportunity in another industry making $100k a year, you’d take it.

You would love to experience the ease of life that they do but at this point in your life you are stuck. You’re at a breaking point in your career.

You see a life that you would want but sometimes you feel so far from it that you start to doubt if it’s even in the question for you.

The problem is that you’ve been looking at your career all wrong.

I’m no different than you. And I’m here to help you start getting paid WELL for what you do, even if you don’t feel like you deserve it right now. Trust me, you’re worth it.

This is nothing like any education you’ve ever experienced.

So what makes this so different?

There is nothing in this industry, and there never has been…That’s offering the support and accountability you need to grow your business, to take it to the next level. And then some.

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This Course is for you if:

  • You struggle with making a consistent and predictable income. You’re making okay money but would like to make more, while working less.

  • You feel overwhelmed with everything you have going on in life right now. You feel like you can never get your ish get together and you’ve just accepted that you’re never gonna be one of those organized type of people.

  • You want to create and be inspired but it’s hard to do that when every day looks the exact same. And no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to find motivation. You’re scared you’re gonna burn out soon.

  • You feel stuck. You see all of these influencers on social media living this dream life. How come that isn’t you? You could definitely see it being you, but you struggle with implementing new things, staying consistent and pushing past the fear that always comes up when you branch out of your normal routine.

  • You know you are no where near your full potential BTC. By this time in your career you thought you would be waaayyyy further than where you are.

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Rich Life Hairstylist:

Course Content

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 A 12 Week virtual course built for hairstylists ready to take their career to the next level

  • 4 Phases that will walk you through changing the way you run your business behind the chair

  • Work 1 on 1 with PIP University mentors

  • Assignments and homework for each phase that builds community

  • This is a mental and physical commitment. We will expect tremendous effort and follow through.


The standard for RLH is high and when you know that coming into it, you’ll come prepared and the transformation


will prove itself.


Take a peek inside the 4 step process:


1. Real Talk

Learn how to prep your mind, heart and soul to push past fear and the uncomfortable. Never let those self sabotaging thoughts stand in your way again. A better version of YOU is being grown.


2. Champions Are Disciplined

Discover the best methods to fill your book with guests you love aka your PPG (Potentially Perfect Guest). Take your guest experience to a level so boss, it makes price irrelevant.


4. Cash Flow Gains

Start charging what you’re worth and be worth what you charge. We’re kicking it up a notch.

3. Expert Status

Become a straight G at consultations and recommending up-sales for your guest that they will LOVE, all while increasing your average ticket $.

Ready to change your life?

Heather Yurko is just what the doctor ordered. I thank you for your wisdom your knowledge and your realism.
— Iside Dallan
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Heather is the most authentic, badass servant and leader ever. She’s such an inspiration to our industry.
— Danielle
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Heather Yurko...her role is strength. Heather makes me feel like I am capable of anything and gives me the strength to chase after it
— Gina
Brilliant. You have such an amazing way of looking at things. Mentoring and coaching and shifting mind sets. Feet washing and using tools to help us not be all over the place and follow through.
— Former PIP U Student
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Word on the street....


“Man, you’ve got a lotta passion” is a phrase I hear frequently from just about… everyone. I’m a girl from Kentucky that was on a fast track to nowhere (ask my mom) until one day in Feb 2007, in the middle of Walmart I decided,  “I don’t want the life I’m headed for.”

4 years into my career I brought in $250,000. I don’t say that to brag…I worked my ass off to get there and I’ve got a list of failures 10 miles long.

I live for Positively Impacting People (PIP) and I am determined to help other hairstylists experience the freedom and success that is available to them.

That’s why Rich Life Hairstylist was created, I hope it’s the life changing, world shaking breakthrough you’ve been hoping for. :)