2017 Spring Semester

Virtual Lesson. This Saturday, June 15 @ 11AM EST.

Yep. You’ll get the recording.

Yep. You get to keep it forever.

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I was in a monthly one-on-one with a team member in 2015 and I asked how we could be of more support. I had a little maroon Harvard notebook that I used for….. well everything. My hand cramped as I tried to keep up with her words and when she was done sharing, I looked up and said,

“Okay let me look over this and I’ll get back with you on how we’ll structure this out for you!”

Then I finished off the individual with some thought provoking, Pinterest worthy quoting that left us all feeling inspired. (So ridiculous even when I type that out. But. It’s true and I’ve learned)

Weeks went by and I’m jotting away in my good ole notebook and start flipping through it to look for an idea that I wanted to execute (that never got done either) and came across the notes from that individual.

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This class is for you if:

You can relate to just a tiny part in my lack of follow through expressed above. OR are you a manager/salon leader and could use support on how to be more productive and see things to completion without the owner having to ask what the status is because the due date has passed?

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Set aside 1:30 hours for this.

The recording is yours to keep

I will do a Q and A at the end.

If you have any questions at all, post in the PIP U salon owners group and tag me!

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