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Good news babe. We’ve been all up in that mess of stuck-ness. We’ve been scared outta-our-minds about making tough decisions when we didn’t know which path to take. We’ve felt like we were on a fast track to nowhere with people breathing down our neck, telling us we should've been a nurse, leaving us disappointed in ourselves and lost. Ugh. Not. Fun.


Fate had nothing to do with it. We’ve searched long and hard for you.
— Eufora

Do you feel a tad lost about where you’re at in your life and career as an artist?

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Are you frustrated with 8 hour shifts that are filled with just 2 haircuts?

Did you know there are some small details you can implement BTC that can make you mega moolah?!

Maybe you’re at a solid spot in your career but feel like you’ve been there for-eva. You're ready to make some moves and see results.


Don’t know how you can bring in more income? Close to the ceiling but don’t know how to shatter the glass?

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We're currently developing and testing what's going to shift the entire industry



We've got the goods to help make your life behind the chair as amazing and profitable as you want it to be. Plus we offer transformation that gets you to the land of that good-good in your personal life too!