Dollar Bills Y’all 101 & 102 Created into A Full Virtual Course!

Who's it for? The whole sha-bang  (Artists, Leaders and Owners can attend)

Woopty Woop you asked, we finally said lleeegggooo.

Check it out y'all.  We had a TREMENDOUS response from our DBY 101 & 102 classes we held in 2017 and we’ve received hundreds of messages asking if we would ever bring it back. The answer has always been no….. until now:)

This is about marketing that pays you. You can do the coolest haircut on the block but if you’re not able to pay all your bills and have money left over, is it really a career?

Or maybe you make excellent money in your business behind the chair but could be doing more. Being more. Making more.

A go-at-your-own-pace-Virtual-Course that actually makes you money.

  • How to set specific income goals. Whether you want to make $40k in 2019 or $200k. We've got the outlines

  • How to get MORE of your favorite guests

  • How to set yourself apart so there is no competition

  • The "need to know" benchmarks that affect your income. You HAVE to track these guys!!!

  • How to work those benchmarks. Heather will share her tips on how she brought home $100,000 behind the chair.... in her 4th year.... at a 42% commission structure.

  • The lead marketing trends for 2019 to bring money into your pocket. (OH YOU JUST WAIT!!!!!!!)

  • Smelling the roses (tips on celebrating #becausegoals this is the stuff that gets more to come your way)

ALL that plus the content from dby 102!!!

Who's it for: Cosmetology students & Artists behind the chair

Who's it for: Cosmetology students & Artists behind the chair

DBY 101 was off the charts so we finessed and upgraded to bring it back for the Fall Semester back in 2017 as DBY 102. The entirety of both classes were explained as, “Riveting” “Transformative” “Emotional” “Groundbreaking” (not our words) We thought, “Why not give them the best of both classes into 1 Virtual Course?”

Why? Because we built this sucker KNOWING the pains you go through, and we are 100% sure we have the solution. Sound familiar?

This mesh-up also includes:

  • The formula for marketing to your Favorite Guests and your Favorite Services that deliver the MOST money

  • Cold outreach techniques that build out your book of business… in a matter of months (These. Are. So. Good)

  • The format for a MUST HAVE quarterly event for guests that creates crazy marketing buzz

Investment: $297

In DBY Virtual, you receive 10 foundational lessons and at the end of every Lesson, there is a “Review and DO” where we review what the Lesson was about and create time to guide your thinking with how you WILL IMPLEMENT the lesson. Implementation is key.

Cart opens on Monday, January 7th!


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