Marketing for Hairstylists that actually works…

…By doing the services you love on people you love to make the money you deserve


Getting your social media to work for you is freakin’ hard.

You put in effort throughout your work day to get content to post just to end up with like no results (yes I just said, “like no results”) that don’t match the effort you put in- even if sometimes the effort you put in is really just stressing about posting lol.

You manage to put up some nice after shots a few times a week and because you have no idea what to say and you already spent so much time getting the damn picture just right you end up with:

“Nothing like a summer transformation” or “Pumpkin spice latte for this babe” for a caption...

And we both know that ain’t bringing in the money.

This stressful process has just become something you think you have to do because it’s what everyone else does but when you really look at your return on investment (time and stress invested into these after pics and average captions)

the juice just ain’t worth the squeeze.

I bet you’re nodding your head because you know that’s the truth!

So you continue with the same posts, captions and lack of excitement because you haven’t got a clue on what the hells to do. Halp.



Running a business behind the chair is HARD AF. I mean think about it… there’s so many little details that half the time you either forget to do OR you don’t even know how to do.

Marketing is just like coffee. A must. But at least coffee gives you results! It tastes good, the warmth is EXACTLY what you need in the am and the caffeine... well I don't need to explain the benefits of that. Your marketing should be as good to you as coffee- and if you're not a coffee drinker... wine? If it's not showing you results- you need help!

And I know you get down with giving your guest the best experience you can. But sometimes you get so lost in the service and YOUR DAY TO DAY HABITS that it can be too tiresome to show up and deliver like that blonde chick is always telling you to🙋🏼‍♀️ (that'd be me)

Raise your hand if:

  • You don’t have a strong sense of where you wanna be at financially each month, quarter and year and how you can get there.

  • There’s a list of things you know you should be doing to grow your career behind the chair but you’re not doing them because you don’t exactly know how.

  • When you post online there isn’t half as much engagement as you’d like.

  • Your marketing isn’t exactly getting the amount or quality of people you want to book with you each week.

  • There are ways that you could level up your guest experience in your chair but you’re not executing what you could be…at least not consistently.

  • You know you could be getting more referral and visibility online you’re just not clear on how to go about doing it.

But what if you were super clear on what your goals are and your marketing, guest experience and business benchmarks all worked together like one the team at Seattle Grace hospital and you actually saw results?! Ones that could make you cry?!?!?!


So let’s pretend a little cute ass, fairy god mother sprinkled pixy dust on you... and Wa-La.

Now you magically:

  • Know exactly what you want to produce in sales per day- even per guest to make the money you want and you know exactly how to use your marketing- online and in person to get you there.

  • Know the kind of services and people you want in your chair and you know just how to get them in.

  • Have tons of DM responses from your IG stories and people are asking questions and engaging with you- and they’re your kinda people.

  • Know exactly how to stack your posts with comments so that more and more of the right people see it.

  • Are a boss at asking people to book with you and don’t feel pushy or icky about it whatsoevs.

  • Have little luxuries throughout your guest experience that makes guests not bat at eye at what they spend with you.

  • Have a referral system that is off the chain because your current guests are obsessed with you and want to share you with all their favorite people.


Can you imagine that?

I want you to think about where you’re at right now and then picture what it would be like if alllllll of that was your current reality, not just some bullet points on a page.

Seriously, don’t scroll down and read any further until you get a clear picture in your mind of what your life feels like with less anxiety, more confidence in yourself and your career and how much more time you would have for yourself.

Do you have chills right now thinking about that?

You’re laser focused with calculated income goals. You’re confident that you’re gonna hit them because every single part of your business and work flow is in alignment with making it happen.

You’ve got this humble swag (and it’s sexy as hell). Friends, family and guests are saying there’s just something different about you. And it’s because you’re waking up every day with so much damn fulfillment from the career you have and the life it allows you to live.

You’re personal and work life have never been more balanced. There’s no more guilt, feeling like you’re always doing something for work. You’ve got time to spend with your babies (or fur babies), your hubby or even just binge watching Law and Order SVU with a glass of wine. And that. Brings you so much gratitude it fills your eyes with tears.

You can have all of this.

and you don’t need a fairy god mother.


Hi, I’m Heather Yurko :)


I’m a girl from Kentucky who started out in this dope ass industry in 2008 making $7.50 an hour.

In 2013 I opened up my salon Neatbeat, in Louisville, KY. I wanted to create a place that hairstylists could build successful careers and become the kind of woman any momma would be proud of. Over the years and after multiple failures (duh), that’s exactly what’s happened.

And that’s when PIP University was born. I was touring Harvard’s campus and decided I was going to create an Ivy League kind of education for hairstylists.

PIP University’s course Dollar Bills Y’all will teach you how to strategically find the perfect guests for you, how to get their attention over so many other hairstylists on Social Media and how you get them to buy from you. And the money? That’s just the strawberry frosting on the cake. I hope you dig it.


Whatcha Get:

  • 4 week self guided virtual course

  • 8 Lessons (15 min each) dripped out 2 per week (we’re all about minimizing overwhelm)

  • Quick Assignments with the Lessons for you to retain what you learn

  • Discussion boards with every lesson

  • Email check ins to support your follow through


I’m so down!

So how much is this bad mama jama?


1 Payment of $397 (best deal)

4 payments of $120

PIP University's motto is Because Goals