13 Ways to Fill Your Book

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Have you been trying to build your Instagram following for a while now and not getting the results you want?

We get it. If we can be a bit vulnerable, we have a large following on Facebook, but we are wanting to get more engagement with the right people on our Instagram! So we feel ya on this one.


Whata ya say we start off fresh together in 2018?! If you’re in our Salon Owners or HairstylistsFacebook Group you’re probably familiar with Jenn Nash Franks, PIP U’s Business and Brand Strategist. Recently, we were fortunate enough to watch a video series she created all about social media for hairstylists.

She gave away A TON of incredible insight on growing your social media and we want to share one of our favorite tips with you here!

Here we go……

PIP TIP: Change your social media mindset from Consuming to Working.

What does this mean? 

How often are we on Instagram, or any other platform, aimlessly scrolling away and not being intentional with our time? That’s when we’re consuming. 

When are we working then? The answer for the majority of us is probably never! 

Try this: Set aside A MINIMUM of 15 minutes each day (I like to suggest when your brain is most focused) to get on your Instagram and create engagement.

Let’s focus on these 2 ways to create engagement:

  1. Comment back to everyones comments on your posts.
  2. Go to your Ideal Guests profiles, and leave meaningful, purposeful comments on their posts.

Setting aside this time each day to work your Social Media, not just consume it will have a huge impact on your engagement and following. This takes consistency and discipline - without these 2, none of it matters. 

Jenn says try this for 60 days to see a shift!

Good luck!

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