We are super pumped for the first official Syllabus Live post! If you weren't able to tune in to our live video on our Facebook Page from Sept. 5th where we announced our FREE EDUCATION and talked about our October 8 & 9 PIP Stop classes, check it out!

Kelli and I have crafted monthly focuses for the rest of the year that will impact you behind the chair and we'll be delivering those to you through 2 monthly blog posts, social media content, and a live class session on Facebook all centered around our monthly focus.


For the month of September the theme is "Be Creative." We will be focusing on Productivity for the money side of your business through Coloring Outside of the Lines for the creative aspect... ya know... to get that perfect Hair Artist mind engaged!πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

So for Productivity this month. I have developed 5 simple steps that can dramatically make you more money. Dramatically. And they're easy.


Do you know what it will take?

Discipline and Accountability. 

Here's what I'd love to see you implement the remainder of September to get your book at capacity.

Let me speak very specifically. This means for the last 3 weeks of the month, you'll push yourself to execute these simple steps that ONLY WHEN DONE CONSISTENTLY will result in more service sales daily.

Here goes.

1. Arrive 30 minutes before your shift. For you people like me that like to show up two minutes before go time… No more! A full 30 minutes is necessary. And the amount of money that can come from it is well worth the 30 minute investment.

2. Study your guests for the day. Ask yourself and take notes on their tickets, travelers or whatever your salon uses. "What is her hair like? What are her challenges? What do I think would look GREAT on her that would be an upsell on the ticket?"

3. Write down the upgrades or cross selling next to their name that can be a solution to their challenge. When you think about making your guest look even better, would an Accent Balayage (little shout out to Fall PIP Stops:) be just the touch she needs to brighten her up? Or how about a fun add on style that takes an extra 5 minutes that is a $15 investment?

4. Practice your script after you commit to what added value you will offer. Now here's where you may want to skimp out on. DON'T!! ****Practicing and feeling confident with your language is what will help you actually execute this stuff.***** Don't discount how powerful practicing your verbiage is, you'll be very surprised that when you do this consistently you'll start to naturally remember because you've recited it so much.

Your'e the only one who thinks you look dumb.

Your'e the only one who thinks you look dumb.

5. Execute and don't give up. Sounds cheesy. After you execute this, know that you will get plenty of "nos." This does not mean that this doesn't work, that people don't want what you're offering or that they don't have the money. (Those are just lies, lies, lies our brain tells our spirit to keep us safe and mediocre) YOU WILL FEEL DUMB. YOU WILL FEEL LIKE YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT. (Okay, maybe some of you won't but if I say you will and you do, then your prepared for the challenge,) WHO CARES?

When you keep persevering, you will naturally keep getting better and more people will say yes. Promise.

Execute these 5 simple steps for the rest of the month and watch the last quarter of your 2017 be higher in sales than any other month.


Get EVEN MORE education on earning more behind the chair with our PIP Stop classes: Dollar Bills Y'all 102 & Balayage 102.