Are you bored BTC?

You are not alone, we have been there too!  

We are here to share a few insights on ways to keep your fire burning and blazing.  When you feel inspired and excited something magical happens...

Your favoirte guests ✨FEEL THAT ENERGY✨

They will crave what you got goin' on...and tell all their friends too! BONUS POINTS = more perfect guests in your chair!

👊🏻Check out these 3 ways to shake things up in your regular routine

1.  Get realllllllll good at social media.

I know what you are thinking...I already post to my insta and Facebook everyday. ROCK ON!  You are already on the right track!  Now lets take it a step further to really get the buzz going.  

  • How about a youtube channel giving tips and tricks to your potentially perfect guests (and the perfect ones already in your chair!)
  • Ask your guests questions on the pictures you post to get them in interact with you.  
  • Use Facebook live to share exciting news with your guests like upcoming events you are doing, specials, favorite product me they love it when they feel like THEIR stylist is a celeb.  Can you say REFERALLLLS $$$

2.  Get uncomfortable.

Do that thing you are scared out of your mind to do.  

  • If you think you're not good enough to work at fashion week: DO IT.
  • If you think you're not skilled enough to take that advanced class: DO IT.
  • If you're afraid to audition to be an educator and you lovvvvve to teach: DO IT.
  • If you think you aren't good enough at styling creative hair but you wanna get better, find a local photographer and: YEP....DO THE DAMN THING!
👉🏻When you get uncomfortable you WILL find so much growth...if you can be brave enough to give it a shot.  And guess what your guests will thank you for it...because who else’s stylist is doing that?!  Instant business building by having confidence! DING DING‼️

3. Put yourself in the SPOTLIGHT🌟

Get involved in anything you can in your community! I know you have a huge heart and want to PIP...especially if you are on this website, reading this blog. 😁 

  • PIP local: as a bi-product you will get some street credit and fill up your heart 💜 
  • St. Baldricks- shaving heads for childhood cancer!  They always need licensed barbers and hairstylists to do this event!
  • Call out nurses, military, cops, firefighters...all those service ladies and gents in the community and give them a special love at the salon!
  • Charity fashion and hair show with local boutiques.
  • Haircut a thon

Now that you have some ideas...go get yo PIP ON!  Check out this video below 👇🏼👇🏼 for more  unique inspiration😀

Exclusive behind the scenes NEW YORK FASHION WEEK interview with Beauty industry trailblazer: Charlie Price of the Beauty Underground

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