Get so booked, you can choose your clients

Man. O. Man. We are exactly 2 weeks away from our first class for our Spring Semester!!!!!

We will be in the beautiful Houston, Texas at Fringe Salon and Color Bar on 3/19-20❤️❤️

And y'all. I CAN NOT WAIT.

I'm getting so hyped up about this. For years, 6 to be exact, Ive been trying to figure out what direction PIP (Positively Impacting People) would go in. It's absolutely intoxicating to think that we're 2 weeks away from the first experience of what PIP was born for.

Anyway. To the goods.💋

Iv'e been heavily preparing for our classes. Diving into the actual "stuff" we'll be teaching. Guys. I get so jazzed up because of this.... I've bought SEVERAL $2k education courses online for entrepreneurs (If you didn't think Hairstylists were entrepreneurs, guess again) and we've implemented THE TOP MARKETING TECHNIQUES TO DATE in our class curriculum. 

For a little somethin somethin', I'll give you a peek.

          One of my faves ^^^

          One of my faves ^^^

There are very specific marketing techniques that you can use to keep/get your book full with clients you LOVE.

Wouldn't you love it if you only had your faves in your chair? Wouldn't you love it if you never had to deal with another PITA guest again? 

How do you do this?

  • Stop asking for the sale. Stop posting about every opening you have just like the millions of other hairstylists do.
  • Do offer value for guests and potential guests. What would they like to know? What would make their life easier? What would make them feel sexy? Do you know the answers to these questions? Don't worry!! In Dollar Bills Yall, we are bringing it!
  • By doing this, you position yourself as the expert. When you're the expert, the faves come out to play. They're impressed because you don't seem like you're desperate for the business because you're not always offering a sale. They're intrigued.
  • When you do this over and over and over again, you gain trust. And when trust is built in a relationship everything else follows, including money and an irrelevant attitude your guests have towards the competition👌🏽

Lol. This GIF is very funny. I had to:)

think about it

When is the last time you saw a hairstylist offering valuable content/helpful tips to potential and existing clients through social media? I can't think of 1. SOOOOOOOOOO.

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