How to Immediately Raise Sales and Your Guest Experience Through Retail


Owners: Could your team be producing more in retail?

Artists: Could you be producing more in retail?

5 ways for hairstylists and salon owners to increase sales and enhance your guest experience through retail


It’s one thing to be killing it in service sales (a lot of us do that easily) but it’s an elevated level of professionalism and guest experience to kill it in retail too.

I love what we are focusing on this month with Be Present. Kelli hit y’all with the conscious inner-g and mind-shift to set me up for the perfect intro into retailing like a Top 200 Salon throughout November and December.

Do you want tips on how to immediately raise sales and guest experience through retail?

I’ll make these short, quick and easy to understand so you can implement them ASAP.

Salon Service Group in-house marketing team 

Salon Service Group in-house marketing team 

  1. What are the gift sets you have for your guests to purchase? Have a graphic made like this one👉🏼, compliments to our designer Heather, at Salon Service Group (if any of you work with SSG as your distributor and you’re not using their marketing department, GET TO IT, THEY ARE EXCEPTIONAL!!!!!!!)

  2. Hand the marketing out. As guests walk in the salon throughout the day have your Guest Happiness Team (Front desk but I will refer to them as GHT) hand out the sheet and review each item on the list with the guest. WALKING THEM THROUGH THE RETAIL AREA, WHERE EVERYTHING IS PLACED. *This should be branded to your salon. This creates a subconscious connection with your target market and your salon, check out this video by our Brand Strategist, Jenn Nash.

  3. Pass the info on to the service provider. Any conversation that refers to:

  • Add ons

  • Retail

Should be passed on to the artist for continued education throughout the experience. *This part is pretty crucial to capitalize on the time the GHT took with the guest to introduce those 2 components of the reservation, to set the artist up for success!

4. Start in the consultation, remain consistent. The artist then communicates and educates on the gift set in the consultation and consistently refers back to it throughout the service. There is a finesse to this that should come off natural and have a no pressure vibe. The goal is to educate, educate, educate.

5. Close the sale. Now. This last part is vital for conversion of the sale. Whether you have seen better results with your GHT closing the sale or artists, do what works best for you. We have been practicing the GHT closing the sale for the last 2 ½ years but we are starting to see that some artists have a better closing rate than the GHT yet other artists’ sales are better when the GHT asks for the sale.

***I am a stickler for systems. There has to be a system and it has to be consistent across the board, for everyone, so this makes it a little tough for me to be okay with the whole “either the GHT closes or the artists closes”. I’ve always believed we need to pick one. However, over the last 3 months I am seeing when there is more “freedom within the framework” the results perform at much higher standards. I’m down for the results performing over me being right.


Bonus Tip: What does your salon or station look like? Does it look like a Winter Wonderland? Would you want to spend money for the holidays in your salon? How does it compete with top retailers outside of our industry in regards to the way it looks? Retail merchandising matters 100% to how successful your holiday will be!