How to raise your prices without losing guests

Do you want to make more money behind the chair?

Are you charging $25 for a haircut that takes you an hour (or worse, longer) to do?

Do you discount your haircuts to something crazy affordable when the guest books with a color service?

Examples like these☝🏾☝🏾 are some of the reasons why Artists are struggling to make a great income. If your goal is to make great money (whatever that means to you, it could be netting $40k a year or $375,00 a year) then your aim SHOULD NOT be to be affordable so more people sit in your chair.

I'm gonna conservatively say that more than 60% of our industry needs to raise their prices. Yes, this comes with raising other things, like standards, but that's a whole other bag of tricks.

A note from PIP U Dean, Heather: Here is the branded material I used in my last price increase in Jan. 2015 (after I was an owner) This card was on my mirror and at the front desk! Mine was very "me" and personal since I had been servicing these people for several years.

We received a ton of inquires about people wanting their own mirror talker after she posted hers in our Facebook group!

We don't ever see "educational tools" like this so we've created an editable version of her mirror talker just for you!!!!  You can print it out and put on your mirror when you're ready to level up!

We told you we weren't you Average Ivy League😜

price increase mirror card for hair stylists and hair artists.