Leadership Team, "What's in it for me?"

😱😱Lay the Foundation sold out on the first day of enrollment so we opened another class for October and 1 spot remains. If the spot was snagged or not- this blog is necessary... for the fortunate individuals that are going to embark on this journey together. I CAN NOT WAIT TO MEET YOU!!!!!!!

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Something I haven't referenced through this stage of marketing Lay The Foundation is a question I thought I would get a lot of but haven't. Just in case it's on some of your minds..... maybe you're thinking this:

"So I sign up my 2-5 people and we experience this 3 week course together. What's in it for them?"

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"How do I get them engaged, to feel like this is a huge opportunity they've been given and see the value in it for the salon and for them?"

You know I had to make a video. Because honestly, not only is this  a rare rare experience for the salon owner and team but it will have massive, intimate transformation on these 2-5 people. You have every bit of my word. 

Show this to your team if you're about to take the plunge but this is what you were questioning. It's time to take your team and company to the next level and what got you here wont get you there. 


I am so looking forward to working with the September and October class, we've all waited a long time for this:)

I'm the owner of____________

Right now, fill in that blank☝🏼

An award winning salon? A multi million dollar salon? A top 200 hundred salon? The best salon in the state? A multi location salon?

Say it out loud. 

Again because the first time you didn't believe it.

And one more time because you like the sound of it.

💬Now, let's talk about being a business owner for a hot sec. Have you ever seen founders, CEOS, or creators that run a successful business and are able to run it by themselves? Let me get a little more specific, let's say these successful entrepreneurs do have teams, (big or small) have you ever seen them working on the same exact things as the others on their team?

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🌱No. But why? Because they have evolved!!!!!!! At the beginning they were probably doing the same things as their current team now. The industry doesn't matter, packing and shipping boxes, taking care of customer service, serving pizza and beer or cutting and coloring hair....... it's all the same. Starting out providing the services sold is normal for successful business owners, what's not normal is staying in that role. It is a natural progression to build a team and have them run the show while the creator grows with the rest of the team and learns how to lead them.

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❗️❗️**Now. I'm not saying owners can't be behind the chair. You totally can. For as many hours as you want. But only when you've progressed enough to grow the minds of your team. So they can operate the businesses effectively and so you can focus on enjoying what you really want to do-- whatever that is. 

I see SO MANY SALON OWNERS FIGHTING A HARD ASS BATTLE THAT THEY DON'T HAVE TO. All of us opened our salons for a reason that meant a lot to us or we wouldn't have done it in the first place. It is time rank up like the successful business owners out there and adopt the same principles that got them to where they are. 

💡You're on board? And your next question is..... "What the hell do I do then?" 

⚡️Let's start with 2 foundational principles to success:

1️⃣ Don't try to do everything. Share the load with others. 

2️⃣Build your support community of peers that are in alignment with your goals and vision.

❌❌ Lay The Foundation literally hands you this on a silver platter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did I know you needed this? Because I am you and I know what I needed, so I built something that would serve your highest regard. No matter how long it took or how many projects I had to turn down. I want to make a difference in the lives of those that are ready. #PIP 


Leadership Course- Lay The Foundation

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It's been a long 8 months of creating and we are finally days away from enrollment opening for our first ever Leadership course, Lay The Foundation!🎊🎉🎁

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Here's some details on the course:

🗓Enrollment opens on August 19 and closes on the 26

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Need to have a minimal of 2 people you want to grow as leaders and up to 5 people

💻LTF is a 3 week virtual classroom that will have 2 classes a week with fun homework assignments to build collaboration with other salon teams

💡The actual course starts the week of September 16 and ends the week of September 30

5️⃣We are only accepting 5 salon leadership teams (2-5 people not including the owner)

💳The investment for the 3 week course is $3k total for the individuals you choose to start your leadership team- if you already have a leadership team, up to 5 people can take the course at once!

Here is a video explaining a little bit more for ya! If you have any questions at all, reply back and I will get back with you in 24 hours!

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Achieve Greatness

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I wanted so bad to become great.

I wanted to do whatever it took to be proud of what I had accomplished in 5 years, 10 years and so on. I know what it’s like to be broke, feel like you’re not accelerating as quickly as you’d like. I know what it’s like to feel stuck and stagnant.

I was behind the chair for about 2 years and I can remember 5:30 am drives to complimentary classes that had a 2 hour drive time each way on my off days.

I can remember getting in my car pissed at myself for signing up for a beginner color class for the 6th time in a row, when I knew the color line forwards and backwards. I would say to myself, “Why in the hells did you sign up for this!?!? You’ve already taken it 5 times!! And you have to be in the car for 4 hours today!! You can teach this class by now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Each time I would walk through the door, the educator (who I developed a great relationship with) would look at me like I had 3 heads. “Heather, what are you doing here? You’ve taken this class a few times haven’t you?"

Those 5:30 am “off days” were the secret to my sauce. Looking back, I can see those were the times that enabled me to become distinguished. Getting technical education so my craft was sharp, mental education so my perspective was always in check, and business education so I knew how to make money-- all of it, I owe my career to now.

Though investing your time, money and energy into your career, and then IMPLEMENTING what you learned, you’ll get to that sweet, sweet land of the good good. I promise. 

We’ve got some of this exact education I’m speaking of coming your way really soon...just like me, you won't regret it.



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13 Ways to Fill Your Book

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Have you been trying to build your Instagram following for a while now and not getting the results you want?

We get it. If we can be a bit vulnerable, we have a large following on Facebook, but we are wanting to get more engagement with the right people on our Instagram! So we feel ya on this one.


Whata ya say we start off fresh together in 2018?! If you’re in our Salon Owners or HairstylistsFacebook Group you’re probably familiar with Jenn Nash Franks, PIP U’s Business and Brand Strategist. Recently, we were fortunate enough to watch a video series she created all about social media for hairstylists.

She gave away A TON of incredible insight on growing your social media and we want to share one of our favorite tips with you here!

Here we go……

PIP TIP: Change your social media mindset from Consuming to Working.

What does this mean? 

How often are we on Instagram, or any other platform, aimlessly scrolling away and not being intentional with our time? That’s when we’re consuming. 

When are we working then? The answer for the majority of us is probably never! 

Try this: Set aside A MINIMUM of 15 minutes each day (I like to suggest when your brain is most focused) to get on your Instagram and create engagement.

Let’s focus on these 2 ways to create engagement:

  1. Comment back to everyones comments on your posts.
  2. Go to your Ideal Guests profiles, and leave meaningful, purposeful comments on their posts.

Setting aside this time each day to work your Social Media, not just consume it will have a huge impact on your engagement and following. This takes consistency and discipline - without these 2, none of it matters. 

Jenn says try this for 60 days to see a shift!

Good luck!

Don't forget to join us in our Facebook Groups! We have one for Owners and one for Hairstylists.

Also, we'd love to hang with you on Instagram :)


Download this free workbook to help you while you are growing!


We are super pumped for the first official Syllabus Live post! If you weren't able to tune in to our live video on our Facebook Page from Sept. 5th where we announced our FREE EDUCATION and talked about our October 8 & 9 PIP Stop classes, check it out!

Kelli and I have crafted monthly focuses for the rest of the year that will impact you behind the chair and we'll be delivering those to you through 2 monthly blog posts, social media content, and a live class session on Facebook all centered around our monthly focus.


For the month of September the theme is "Be Creative." We will be focusing on Productivity for the money side of your business through Coloring Outside of the Lines for the creative aspect... ya know... to get that perfect Hair Artist mind engaged!💋💋

So for Productivity this month. I have developed 5 simple steps that can dramatically make you more money. Dramatically. And they're easy.


Do you know what it will take?

Discipline and Accountability. 

Here's what I'd love to see you implement the remainder of September to get your book at capacity.

Let me speak very specifically. This means for the last 3 weeks of the month, you'll push yourself to execute these simple steps that ONLY WHEN DONE CONSISTENTLY will result in more service sales daily.

Here goes.

1. Arrive 30 minutes before your shift. For you people like me that like to show up two minutes before go time… No more! A full 30 minutes is necessary. And the amount of money that can come from it is well worth the 30 minute investment.

2. Study your guests for the day. Ask yourself and take notes on their tickets, travelers or whatever your salon uses. "What is her hair like? What are her challenges? What do I think would look GREAT on her that would be an upsell on the ticket?"

3. Write down the upgrades or cross selling next to their name that can be a solution to their challenge. When you think about making your guest look even better, would an Accent Balayage (little shout out to Fall PIP Stops:) be just the touch she needs to brighten her up? Or how about a fun add on style that takes an extra 5 minutes that is a $15 investment?

4. Practice your script after you commit to what added value you will offer. Now here's where you may want to skimp out on. DON'T!! ****Practicing and feeling confident with your language is what will help you actually execute this stuff.***** Don't discount how powerful practicing your verbiage is, you'll be very surprised that when you do this consistently you'll start to naturally remember because you've recited it so much.

Your'e the only one who thinks you look dumb.

Your'e the only one who thinks you look dumb.

5. Execute and don't give up. Sounds cheesy. After you execute this, know that you will get plenty of "nos." This does not mean that this doesn't work, that people don't want what you're offering or that they don't have the money. (Those are just lies, lies, lies our brain tells our spirit to keep us safe and mediocre) YOU WILL FEEL DUMB. YOU WILL FEEL LIKE YOU LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT. (Okay, maybe some of you won't but if I say you will and you do, then your prepared for the challenge,) WHO CARES?

When you keep persevering, you will naturally keep getting better and more people will say yes. Promise.

Execute these 5 simple steps for the rest of the month and watch the last quarter of your 2017 be higher in sales than any other month.


Get EVEN MORE education on earning more behind the chair with our PIP Stop classes: Dollar Bills Y'all 102 & Balayage 102. 


Are you bored BTC?

Are you bored BTC?

We are here to share a few insights on ways to keep your fire burning and blazing.  When you feel inspired and excited something magical happens...

Your favoirte guests ✨FEEL THAT ENERGY✨

They will crave what you got goin' on...and tell all their friends too! BONUS POINTS = more perfect guests in your chair!

👊🏻Check out these 3 ways to shake things up in your regular routine