Why Your Instagram Isn’t Doing Sh*t For Your Biz.

Imagine it’s your first shift of the week, you’re walking into the salon Starbucks in hand, you take a second to see what your day looks like and you’ve got nothing. but. badasses.

You know when you’re taking that second to check your book for the day and you’re scanning the names of guests you’ve got and each one gives you a feeling? I know this is landing. It’s time we get “that feeling” to be one of, “aw today is gonna be real fun!!” Feel me?!

Read on sister, I’ve worked hard on this for you🖤

Have you ever spent hours planning a post for your social media, doing all the work to find the most ‘insta-worthy’ filter, re-writing your caption 7x until it’s perfect and offering a deal so good-- you think ‘Who wouldn’t book with me after seeing this’?

But then you check your phone on your break and the post has 11 likes and your book still has gaps? And you’re like “Why the F is this not working?!”

Been there before?

I know I have.

And that feeling sucks. So much, you consider deleting the whole damn post and you wonder how in the heck you’re ever gonna get busy.

So what in the hell do you do to start seeing those appointment slots fill?

Friend, I am so glad you asked.

Quit being a ‘Me Too’ Hairstylist.

You might be a ‘Me Too’ Hairstylist if your social media feed looks exactly like every other stylists’ out there.

Yes, the balayage you did last weekend was Pinterest worthy. And after the 5 hour color correction you did? Your guest should name her first baby after you.

But here’s the thing— the salon industry is a saturated as all get out— especially on social media. I mean, there’s over 2 million hairstylists in the United States… that’s kind of a lot.

Now, I don’t mean to be an ass but...what makes the balayage pic you posted stand out from the 7 others your guest scrolled past on her feed this morning?

And I get it. Instagram is a great way to showcase your work and get inspo but if we’re being honest, what’s the real goal behind using social media for your business?

It’s to get business, and by business I mean booties in the chair. To get booties in the chair you gotta get people to know you, like you and trust you!

I have 3 swag nastttyyy resources for you, so you get the most out of this— You’re gonna DIGGGG it!

So let’s get to turning likes and comments into dollars shall we?

Peep these 3 strategies on how to turn your insta feed into a guest gettin’ machine…

Strategy #1: Stop the scroll

Think about the kind of posts you see every day on instagram from other hairstylists.

The blacked out backgrounds, funky braids, balayage on girls with hair down their backs, sped up application videos… every body is doing stuff like this.

The captions usually go something like this:

“Ready to go lighter for summer? Dm me for appointment”

“Ice blonde for this beauty”

Throw some emojis in there and you’ve got the recipe for a caption of a ‘Me Too’ Hairstylist.

I’m not saying anything is wrong with posts like this. You may get hundreds of likes or featured on Modern Salon’s page but is that really what the goal of your marketing is??

The whole reason you’re posting your work on social media is to get the attention of your PPG (Potentially Perfect Guest) so they book an appointment with you. I talk alllll about PPGs in my marketing course Dollar Bills Y’all.

It’s awful hard to get someone’s attention when you’re blending in with every other stylist out there. Think about who your PPG is and what would get her attention and peak interest.

What are her struggles with her hair? What’s something she’s having a problem with that you could provide a fix for?

Is she dreading summer because her hair is always a frizzy mess?

A picture of beach wave balayage isn’t going to get her attention OR let her know you have the solution! She won’t relate to that at all.

But! If you posted a picture of a guest with frizzy hair, talked all about how you relate to pain in the ass frizzy hair AND THEN provided a solution for it…


That would stop a frizzy hair guest dead in her tracks and she’d think... ‘Omg this stylist totally gets me!’

I go way deeper in this in my 13 Ways to Fill Your Book Checklist…show that pretty little button below some love for your free copy :)

Strategy #2: Be the expert

When your content gives value and educates, you position yourself as the expert. Guests are looking for someone to tell them what to do and how to do it.

And when they see you educating on how to fix exactly what they’re struggling with… you’ve got it in the bag.

Think about the frizzy haired guest we just talked about. What kind of products or services do you offer that would solve her problem?

In my Make Em’ Say Wow cheatsheet, I go over 3 different ways you can create an insane guest experience simply by recommending solutions for your guests problems. Give the button below a little click-ity-clickersen to grab it!

When you’re creating content for your marketing, talk about what kind of experience you provide and how you’re the solution they’re looking for.

Do you have a smoothing treatment that helps eliminate frizz? Or a must have product?

Talk about the pains of dealing with frizz on your social media and how that treatment or product is the holy grail for frizzy hair.

Are you picking up what I’m throwing down?

And if you’re thinking— But Heather, what if I don’t know what my PPG’s struggles are?

That leads us to….

Strategy #3: Create Conversation

So maybe your PPG doesn’t struggle with frizz. But I know she struggles with something else.

The best way to figure out what your guests’ and your PPG’s biggest challenges are, is simply ask them about it!

Think about who your favorite guests are that you see right now, the ones you love the most. Next time they come in, ask them what they struggle with the most or what they’d really like to learn more about from you.

Chances are, you’ll probably find some common struggles that the majority of your guests are facing.

Using your social media is a fun way to find out what challenges guests are having too AND it creates engagement on your feed :)

You can use the Poll or Questions sticker on IG story and ask your followers what they’re biggest hair challenges are, what they want to know more about or even just questions they have about their hair.

Once you get an idea of what your audience needs help and is interested in, tailor your content to highlight yourself as the expert in those areas.

Interacting with your current guests and your PPGs on social media will create so much engagement on your page and it helps build connection.

I actually have an awesome worksheet, Build A Strong Engagement Game with more ways to boost your engagement on Instagram. Check it out for free below if you wanna learn more, I don’t mind if you press my buttons ;)

The key to your social media being a successful tool in filling your book is alllll about setting yourself apart by posting what gives value and education and positioning yourself as the expert on the challenges your guests are having.

As you put these strategies into practice, remember to give yourself some grace, girl.

If you’re consistent and focused you’re gonna see results. I saw this quote the other day on instagram that said:

“Beyonce practiced 8 months for a 2 hour performance, so remember that the next time you expect something to work immediately in your business”

I hope this sparks a fire in you, gives you hope and reminds you that you’re already a step ahead just by taking the time to learn and grow. That self-development looks fire on you.

Salt + Light,