Meet the Dean of PIP University


Heather Yurko

Street Cred:

  • Began her career making $7.50 an hour, 12 hours a week in 2009 and was the only apprentice hired with zero experience and had the lowest prices. 
  • Within 2 years had the fullest book in the salon and the highest prices. Within 4 years Heather brought home $100,000 
  • Brought Great Lengths Cold Fusion hair extensions to the state of Kentucky and her salon, Neatbeat, is the leading Great Lengths salon in the state.
  • Within 5 years of beginning her career she opened Neatbeat Salon in Louisville, KY. in a 200 sq ft space. (Your closet is probably bigger)
  • Due to rapid growth, the lease had to be canceled so they could acquire more space: “The Palace” a 1700 square foot piece of beauty.
  • The salon has been named top 3 salons in Louisville and was the #1 salon in BRIDES magazine for the best salon for the big day.
  • In the 3rd year of business, they grossed a revenue of over $800,000. $35,000 over the goal they had set.
  • In 2016, Neatbeat expanded to 5,000 square feet which is now the home of PIP University Campus Headquarters
thanks copy.png

We get down with being thankful. All day erryday.

dancing gold.png

We believe relationships are what drives everything. If you are a legit relationship builder, you’re a really good dancer.


We mess up. We fail. Some call this learning lessons. We want these and we want em often.

because goals

We get down with giving and receiving feedback in a positive, my cup-runneth-over kind of way. We crave feedback. We take it and become better because of it.

feet washing

We get down with serving. We are here to serve anyone and everyone. We are not too proud or above it. We will serve on our knees, while we wash feet. And we’re not kidding.

We get down with having a positive perspective in all circumstances. Even the ones we don’t like. No loser mentalities like complaining, jealousy or gossiping here.

woe lifestyle

We believe that Working On Excellence, or being a student for life is a must. We constantly fuel our brains with wisdom that adds value to our lives.

recognizing real

We absolutely get down with shouting out people we respect. Whether it’s  their hustle, heart, vibe or achievements. We don’t just think it, we let them know we think it.

my good side > my bad side

We acknowledge and handle our weaknesses. We do not focus on them. We get down with developing our strengths and execute being Queens at just a few things. Essentialism is a must.

having some sense

We believe knowledge is only POTENTIAL power. APPLIED knowledge is power. This is wisdom… we call this having some sense.